Woman, who served in the Army, barred from her disabled child's school simply for having a concealed handgun permit

Gun phobia for public school officials seems to know no bounds.  Here we have someone who served in the Army with a concealed handgun permit.  It seems that we should be thankful that this woman with her training is willing to carry a gun to protect others.  But instead she is banned from her disabled child's school?  There is no evidence that this woman carried the concealed handgun on school property, though if it were me, I would encourage someone with her training to do so.  From WRDW-TV Channel 12 in Augusta, Georgia:
Tanya Mount says she is being targeted by the administrator at her daughter's school after a meeting between the two several week ago. 
"I feel like a criminal. I want I want to be heard. I want a public apology," says Mount. On Wednesday, Mount says she was handed a notice from Richmond County Board of Education police. 
"He tells me that were going to issue you a criminal trespass warning," says Mount. The notice banned her from McBean Elementary School where her disabled daughter attends.
She asked what she did wrong. "The principal is scared of you and she doesn't want you on the grounds. I ask for what? And he asks were you in the Army and I said yes. He's like do you have a concealed weapons permit? I said yes," says Mount. 
Mount who is a parent volunteer says she is banned from the school for posting a picture of her new concealed weapons permit on her Facebook page. 
She says she has never had any problems with Principal Janina Dallas but says she was blind-sided weeks earlier during a meeting with Dallas. 
"She told me that instead of volunteering at the school and playing on the play ground with my daughter I need to be at home doing grown up things," says Dallas. . . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

Yet another reason why people should not be required to get "permits" to carry. The Second Amendment permits carry, and that should be all that is needed. It's a right, not a crime, and those with the courage to exercise it should be respected and not punished.

11/06/2013 7:12 PM  
Blogger rjp said...

I think it is more likely that a Janina Dallas baby daddy is going to cause problems .

11/08/2013 10:54 PM  

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