Two seniors from Gonzaga University in Spokane face expulsion over using a gun to defend themselves against a six time felon

The reporter here asks a great question: How are students supposed to defend themselves in the worst case scenario when someone enters the apartment?  The university's response ignores the obvious.  The statement that there is security all over campus and that students are supposed to keep their doors locked isn't an answer.  There was no campus security officer present.  Clearly security isn't all over campus.  These students very likely wouldn't have had time (or the ability) to make a call, let alone wait for the security to arrive.  Great advice on locking the door, but what if the criminal does get in or surprises the students as happened in this case?  The engineering student comment is powerful that he has no regret and would do everything all over again because he would rather risk expulsion than lose his life.

More on the story is available here

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