Paris manhunt for just released prisoner who went on shooting spree

From the WSJ:
Police were conducting a frantic manhunt Monday for a gunman suspected in two shootings and a brief hostage-taking that stunned Paris and which authorities were treating as possibly terrorist-related. 
One man, a photographer's assistant, was in critical condition after being shot in the chest at the offices of a national newspaper, police said. 
Authorities seemed to be at a loss as to the gunman's identity or motive, and appealed for witnesses to come forward to help track him down. The 65-year-old man who had been briefly taken hostage told police that his assailant claimed to have a hand grenade and said he had just gotten out of jail. 
"Our main lead is that there is a single perpetrator," prosecutor Fran├žois Molins told a news conference. He said his staff was investigating any possible motivation, including terrorism. . . .



Blogger Gladorn said...

I would love to know more about the source of these firearms. I was under the impression that France had somewhat restrictive firearms laws. (Certain weapons restricted, licences required, et al.) I'm pretty sure grenades are not on that list, but I've seen a few news links were grenades were the weapon of choice in certain criminal actions in Europe.

On that note, US media rarely gives the source of a firearm unless it was legally purchased. (IE: Seung-Hui Cho, Aaron Alexis.) I would love to know the source of the firearms used in many of our local crimes. Obviously they did not come from the local gun shop.

11/24/2013 3:05 PM  

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