Obama's big initial success story of Obamacare turns out to be a personal disaster

Washington state exchange is reportedly “looking into” Jessica Sanford’s situation, but I assume that the state doesn't have the time or resources to do that for a large number of people.  It also calls into question the enrollment numbers because Sanford is going to go uninsured unless she gets some type of special treatment.  From Politico:
Jessica Sanford, a Washington state resident and self-employed court reporter, has received numerous letters from her state’s exchange program notifying her of increased costs to her plan and tax credit miscalculationsaccording to CNN
“Wow. You guys really screwed me over,” Sanford wrote on a Facebook post about the Washington state exchange website. “Now I have been priced out and will not be able to afford the plans you offer. But, I get to pay $95 and up for not having health insurance. I am so incredibly disappointed and saddened. You majorly screwed up.” . . . 
“It was a huge disappointment, and especially since my story had been shared by the president,” Sanford said in an interview that aired Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day.” “I just felt really embarrassed.” . . . 
But Sanford said she was then notified by the state that a miscalculation in tax credit eligibility meant her monthly coverage costs would increase from $198 to $280. CNN also notes that Sanford initially paid $169, but had switched plans. 
Sanford said she was then notified again of a “system error” and given a higher quote. Alternate plans were out of her budget. Yet another letter explained Sanford would receive no federal tax credit to help cover the cost, which she said she had a “good cry” over. . . .



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