Gonzaga students who used gun to defend themselves will not be expelled, will be put on permanent probation

This is one school that I would appreciate the chance to debate at, especially given that they are reconsidering their policies on guns on campus.  Despite the pressure put on them, the student with the gun still said that he was glad that he had it and would rather be expelled than not have had the gun to protect himself.  From KREM.com in Spokane, Washington:
Gonzaga University will not expel two students for using a gun to defend themselves in an off-campus and Gonzaga owned apartment.  They will be placed on probation for the rest of their time at the university. Students Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh were originally threatened with expulsion after they flashed a gun at a man with outstanding felony warrants who came to their door asking for money. That man was later arrested. Fagan and McIntosh were told by campus security that they violated school policy by having a firearm on Gonzaga University property. . . .
Possibly the most important part of the news is the last sentence.
The Gonzaga President sent an open email to students on Saturday acknowledging calls to reevaluate the school’s rules on guns.
Here is a slightly stronger statement about the Gonzaga policy review from the New York Daily News.
Gonzaga University has agreed to review its weapons policy as two students who used a pistol to drive an intruder from their apartment appeal their probation for having guns in their university-owned accommodation. 
"As a Jesuit institution dedicated to thoughtful evaluation of complex social issues," Gonzaga will use the incident to re-examine its policy, President Thayne McCulloh said in a weekend statement. . . .  
Gonzaga should consider student safety above all else, said their lawyer, Dean Chuang.  
"We're glad that it didn't have to end in tragedy for them to consider changing the policy there," Chuang said. "Our boys were armed and stopped a home invasion here." . . .
UPDATE: If a robber wants to rob people, where should he go?  You might think that a University would be an attractive target, right?
Officials at the University of Minnesota have lifted a warning for students to take shelter after man with a gun tried to rob a student on campus. 
University police say the armed man tried to rob a student of her laptop in Anderson Hall on the West Bank of the Minneapolis campus Monday before fleeing into the tunnel system between buildings. . . . 
 How does a university solve the problem?
After the attempted robbery, the university sent a text alert at 3:20 p.m. Monday warning students on the West Bank to stay in a safe place. The alert was lifted about an hour later. . . .

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Blogger OldSouth said...

I suspect the administration responded to the most effective stimulus of all: The sound of the board members' and alumni's checkbooks snapping shut.

It never fails to deliver an effective message.

11/11/2013 7:54 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm coming around to the view that we've flopped into a matriarchy. "Goest thou and hidest" is not a manly value, and neither is shrieking at a pop tart shaped gun.

11/11/2013 8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonzaga has a "no weapons" policy in university housing. This includes the 10mm Glock used for self-defense in this incident, as well as the other resident's shotgun, both of which, private property, were confiscated by University Security. It was pointed out that the housing was private property.

Hmmm... it is private property, but also a public accomodation.

Could Gonzaga articulate and enforce other policies on their private property... How about a policy such as " no Jews"?

Just asking.


11/12/2013 1:26 AM  

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