Canadians taking up owning long guns after the elimination of registration

This seems like a remarkably positive story about owning guns from the CBC, even if it is just for New Brunswick.
Firearms instructors are scrambling to cope with a sudden increase in demand for gun safety courses. 
Enrolment has jumped by more than 20 per cent in the past year as younger hunters and more women head into the woods and to shooting ranges. 
The end of the federal long gun registry also plays a role in the upswing, says firearms instructor Bob Kierstead. He says the creation of the firearms registry by the federal government in 1993 turned  young people away from hunting and the use of guns. 
"The very, very restrictive legislation that came in on firearms in general, and that turned a lot of the young people away from it," said Keirstead. "Too many hoops to jump through and they turned away from it. That was the big thing that we saw." . . .

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