Houston, Texas: Auto shop owner says that "if it wasn't for his gun, that he, his friends, and family members would have been killed"

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The news story video has the reporter on the scene saying that the store owner said: "if it wasn't for his gun, that he, his friends, and family members would have been killed."  Whoever wrote up the story based on the reporters' report toned it down and replaced "would" with "could."  From KTRK in Houston:
. . . The owner of the business shot at the suspects. He said if it wasn't for his gun, his family and friends could have been killed. 
Surveillance video in the lobby at A B Motors in the 13500 block of the East Freeway at Evanston shows a man rushing in, holding a bag and gun. Another armed man was right behind him, wearing a bandana. Both were demanding cash. 
"These people came in the right time when I got cash inside the office," owner Mack Agaybi said. 
Agaybi told us he saw the men running through his parking lot from his office, so he got out his gun. 
"I opened the door a little and I see somebody right in front of me, going like that with a gun," Agaybi recalled. 
The gunfight that ensued was caught on camera. The two suspects ran out of the lobby, and Agaybi could be seen running out after them. 
"First I said, 'Is anybody hurt?' No, and left," Agaybi said. "But they was running. I came back and tried to see my friend." 
Agaybi realized his friend has been shot in the head. 
The armed suspects got away. Bullet holes and shattered glass were left behind by the shootout. 
"I picked up my friend and I put him in my car and ran to the I-10 clinic. I did not wait for the ambulance or anything," Agaybi said. 
Houston police said the man who was shot will be OK. . . .



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