Ezra Levant from Sun News confronts the Mohammed of environmentalists, David Suzuki (kind of a creepy guy)

While Ezra's show is on David Suzuki, I did learn something very interesting about a CNN host, George Stroumboulopoulos.  Stroumboulopoulos is apparently a very left wing follower of Suzuki and has interviewed Suzuki for the CBC (Stroumboulopoulos' other job).  I have a question for my Canadian readers.  Stroumboulopoulos is on the board of directors for the David Suzuki Foundation.  How can the CBC have a TV host do an interview with someone when the interviewer is on the board of directors for the foundation of the person being interviewed?  Even though Stroumboulopoulos bio at CBC mentions this connection, virtually every segment that I have been able to watch on CBC where Stroumboulopoulos is interviewing Suzuki has omitted this information (here is one from May 2012 where his connection is mentioned, but I think that that was because the discussion was on the Foundation).

By the way, in watching these clips of Suzuki being interviewed by SSSS, Suzuki has some bizarre statements about the US.  He talks about the US from 1973 when there was the Arab Oil embargo (3:27): "In the United States of course they did what they always do, started shooting each other at the gasoline pump.  It was really very, very scary." I was able to find one somewhat related story from 1973.  Apparently, in December 1973 there was a gas station attendant in Detroit who fatally shot a motorist who was trying to steal gasoline (that story got coverage around the country (e.g., here and here also).  I found another case from November 1973 where a police officer was charged with shooting a 12-year-old boy who he thought was stealing from a gas station, but there was no evidence "ever found linking the two youths to the burglary."  But it looks as if they were believed to have stolen $8, not gasoline.

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