This Miss America Contestant is an expert marksman, an avid hunter since she was 10

Smart and very hot looking.  A discussion of Miss Kansas from People magazine:
She's also an expert M16 marksman, a bow hunter, a skydiver, a boxer and a mechanic. She finally had to stop motorcycle racing after breaking all the fingers in her right hand – a potential stumbling block, she decided, to reaching her goal of becoming an Army dentist. She can skin a deer, she has a great squirrel stew recipe (it features sauerkraut) and, one day, she hopes to hunt bear with her bow and arrow. . . . 
she's now a senior at Kansas State University with a double major in Chinese and chemistry. She loves the outdoors and has been an avid hunter since she was 10. . . .



Blogger L R said...

As a native Kansan, graduate of KSU, and friend of the family, I can say she's a great pick for Miss USA.

9/11/2013 2:59 PM  

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