This is pretty scary: In Australia police will soon be able to search for guns without a search warrant

Well, if they really "know" who are the bad guys, it would seem easy to get the warrants that they want.  From the Sidney Morning Herald:
NSW Police will be able to stop and search people, cars, bikie clubhouses and "criminal dens" for guns, without a warrant, under legislation to be introduced into parliament this week. 
Under the changes, police would be able to stop and search anyone who had been banned from owning guns without a warrant, even if there was no cause for suspicion, Premier Barry O'Farrell said. "The changes mean officers can also search their cars and their premises for firearms." 
Fewer than 70 people in NSW are subject to a firearm ban but the new laws would make it easier to increase the number, Mr O'Farrell said. Penalties will rise from 10 to 14 years for possession or supply of illegal weapons. 
Police Minister Michael Gallacher said the laws would enable police to target known people. "It will give police the ability to target people they know are involved. . . .



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