Remember Paul Krugman's attacks on Germany's economic policy, comparing it to Germany in the early 30s? Now read this

Remember Paul Krugman's attacks on German "austerity" in his pieces in 2010 and later?  Well, fortunately, Germany didn't take his attacks seriously.  Now with Germany's elections approaching, we see stories in places such as the Washington Post noting this:
Merkel, who is favored to win a third four-year term next week, has benefited from Germany’s strong economy and low unemployment.
That’s even truer in Bavaria, the tradition-minded homeland of retired Pope Benedict XVI and also a high-tech and industrial center, where nearly 9.5 million people are eligible to vote. Its jobless rate is just 3.8 percent, the lowest of any German state and well below the national average of 6.8 percent.
At his pre-election rallies, Seehofer has described Bavaria as “the gateway to paradise.” . . .

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