Germans revolt against idea of government regulating what they eat, it is too bad New Yorkers can't be as independent

It looks like the German Green Party might face some backlash from their plan to mandate that people eat vegetarian food one day a week.  Here is a very rough translation from the German newspaper Bild:
The Greens with their plans to introduce a nationwide vegetarian day after the election, caused outrage.
Approximately 40 000 users have already voted in large BILD.de voting. The intermediate result: Nearly three-quarters of readers (72 percent) do not want to leave prohibit sausages, schnitzel and meatballs in the cafeteria and holding a Veggie Day superfluous.
The idea of ​​Green: Once a week should be the only meat dish and no meat sauces it in public canteens NO!
The Veggie Day is part of the election platform of the Green Party, he should be "the standard". Reduce meat consumption of the Germans: The aim of the green party.
"A Veggie Day is a wonderful day to try out how we feed ourselves once without meat and sausage. Vegetarian cooking is in fact more than just let the meat away, "said Green Party leader Renate Künast to IMAGE - and tweeted a vegetarian recipe. The hint that the court could also be prepared with chicken or fish, but immediately caused derision in the network. . . .
"People are smart enough to decide for themselves when to eat meat and vegetables and when not. People constantly make rules is not my understanding of freedom and liberality "said Brüderle to IMAGE.
"What's next?" He asks. "Jute-Day, Bike Day, Green Day shirt? You are on the road again, the green Jacobins, and want people be told what to eat and how they live they have "criticized the FDP leadership man.
Also Federal Minister Ilse Aigner diet (CSU) is against the Greens advance. "We generally hold bit of paternalism," said a ministry spokesman. "In the end we need a balanced diet. As part of this meat. "The federal government had done a lot to give the canteens recommendations.
Erik Bertram, Chairman of the "Ring of Christian Democratic Students" and member of the CDU Federal Board told BILD: "Apparently Renate Künast is the heat of recent days has increased slightly to his head. Instead of a 'Veggie Days' we prefer to call one days free heat for green Bevormundungspartei! Their know-it prohibitive demands once again reveal an anti-liberal spirit. "
A daily meat and fish tender in the German canteens is essential for a balanced diet of students. . . .
This proposal has resulted in some leaving the party.  From Reuters:
Like other Germans once attracted to the world's most successful pro-environment party, Suska is now turned off by the Greens -- and his defection helps explain a sudden drop in support before Germany's September 22 election. 
"The Greens have this 'ecological dictatorship' feeling about them now," says Suska, 45. "I used to always vote Greens. But not anymore. No one likes to be told what to do. It feels like the Greens are going to make everything more expensive." . . . 
There were other problems for the Greens, such as problems over pedophilia.  

On the campaign trail, the Greens faced an uphill battle after it was revealed in May that that senior Greens from the 1980s argued that sexual acts between adults and children should not be punished. 
It was an issue that the Greens could not shake in the campaign.
Proposed tax hikes on high-income earners did not go over well with the party's base of well-off voters, either. . . .

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