Democrats having problems with Obama's leadership

From the New York Times:
. . . In recent weeks, disgruntled Democrats, particularly liberals, have bolted from the White House on issues like National Security Agency surveillance policies, a planned military strike on Syria and the potential choice of Lawrence H. Summers to lead the Federal Reserve. In private, they often sound exasperated describing Mr. Obama‚Äôs operation; in public, they are sometimes only a little more restrained. 
They complain the White House has not consulted enough and failed to assert leadership. They say Mr. Obama has been too passive and ceded momentum to Republicans. Their grievances are sometimes contradictory; some grouse that he takes on causes he cannot win, while others say he does not fight hard enough for principled positions. The failure to enact tightened gun control laws and the Republican hold on immigration legislation have left liberals little to celebrate this year. . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

We all are having problems with Obama simply because he cannot, or will not lead.

9/23/2013 1:37 PM  

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