Corruption: Hillary Clinton's 2008 got secret $608,000 donation from man connected with another corruption case

Thompson is deeply involved in the same type of scandal in DC in which he funneled under the table large amounts of money to Vincent Gray's DC Mayor campaign.  From the Washington Post:
Thompson allegedly paid Troy White, a New York marketing executive, more than $608,000 to hire “street teams” to distribute posters, stickers and yard signs beginning in February 2008 to help raise Clinton’s profile during her primary battle with then-Sen. Barack Obama, according to the documents and interviews with several people familiar with the investigation. 
A search of federal campaign records found no evidence that Thompson or White disclosed the alleged expenditures or activities to the Federal Election Commission, as required by campaign finance laws. 
The new accusations came to light when White pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor tax charge, becoming the latest Thompson associate implicated in a far-reaching investigation that has explored the businessman’s alleged secret role in funding political campaigns. . . .

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Why does "Hillary Clinton" sound like fingernails on a chalkboard?

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