Concealed handgun permit holder stops two men with guns from carjacking his car

From KTRK in Houston, Texas:
A carjacking suspect was shot and killed in north Houston Tuesday night, and authorities say the alleged victim pulled the trigger. 
It happened around 9:30 PM at a McDonald's drive-thru off West Little York near Interstate 45 North. 
Police say two men got out of a green Honda and pulled a gun on a man in the parking lot. 
According to police, the man who was robbed was trying to rent a movie from the Red Box when he was approached by the suspects, who took his keys and phone. But the suspects apparently didn't realize the victim had a license to carry a gun. . . . 
As for the man who shot at the suspects, police right now are not planning on seeking charges against him. . . . 
Thanks to Jeff Yager for the link.

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