"Indianapolis mom's quick thinking fends off carjackers"

13 WTHR Indianapolis

From Indianapolis's Channel 13 TV News:
The woman's quick thinking turned the tables on carjackers who demanded the keys to her car on the northwest side."It went so fast that I could not even believe it was happening," the woman, Kari, said.
. . . The mother of three, a law school student, showed Eyewitness News what happened outside her SUV that forced her to pull out her own gun.
"I do have a gun carry permit and I do carry a gun. I yanked over my passenger door and pulled it out and at that point, they scattered," Kari said.
The attack happened at 11 p.m. Wednesday in her driveway as she returned home from law school, another reason she carries a weapon.
"It is personal protection, but I have never had to use it, ever," she said. . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is personal protection, but I have never had to use it, ever, ..."

Understandable, but unfortunately it falls into the semantic trap used by those who deny guns play a significant role in personal protection. Of course she used it; she just didn't have to go so far as to shoot or kill anyone with it. That's a much preferable outcome to either of the limited options recognized by gun control types: kill or be killed. By that "logic", my local police department is an abject failure and total waste of taxpayers' money, not having killed a single criminal in years. The reality is that the best outcome to a gun fight is one in which no shots are fired and no one is hurt.

9/08/2013 11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this self defense use get entered into any database, like a murder incident would be. Is this incident quatified statistically by any agency?

Secondly, I thought that a woman using a gun for self defense would have the gun taken away and turned on her. Happens all the time, right? Where's that woman poltitician from Colorado?

9/09/2013 4:07 PM  

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