Vote Fraud: 163 poll workers in Ohio retired because of a "high error" rate (read fraud)

Hamilton County in Ohio has seen it problems with vote fraud.  Just last month veteran poll worker, Melowese Richardson, was sentenced to five years in prison for voting multiple times.  The county was also investigating 39 other voter fraud cases.   Now the county is retiring 163 other poll workers for their high rate of errors.  From Cincinnati.com:
. . . That includes 94 workers at 16 precincts that will be completely restaffed because of a high number of errors.   
The others failed to vote themselves and/or performed poorly on Election Day.
Those 163 poll workers represent about 5.6 percent of poll workers – the most ever who aren’t being asked back.   
The move comes as board of elections officials continue to work to find the 2,905 poll workers needed to staff the county’s 545 polling locations. . . .
Here is a particular example where everyone "knew there were problems."
. . . Willis, 74, of Madisonville, has been a poll worker for more than 35 years. . She loved seeing neighbors and looked forward to election days. But the last two elections, she said, the board of elections moved her and she ended up working at the same polling location as Richardson.   
“They knew there were problems,” Willis said. None of them, she said, was the result of her work.   
“To work there all this time and for them to let me go mainly because of Melowese’s behavior isn’t fair,” Willis said.   
Board of elections staff pointed out the assessment showed the problem extended beyond Richardson, and that the polling location had problems as a team. . . .



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