Ten defensive gun cases from June

These cases are primarily from June.  What is interesting is how five of these robberies involve multiple robbers.  

Anaheim, Ca.: California grandma fires .357-magnum gun to scare off burglary suspect

A 72-year-old California woman who fired her gun at an alleged attempted burglar said her priority was to protect her wheelchair-bound husband.
Jan Cooper of Anaheim said she loaded her .357-magnum Smith & Wesson revolver and called 911 when she saw the man jump over her backyard fence and attempt to break into the home through her sliding glass door, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, reported Wednesday.
Cooper warned the dispatcher she was firing her gun.
"You'd better get the police here. I don't know whether I hit him or not. I'm not sure. He's standing at my door, my back door. He's in my yard," Cooper told the dispatcher. . . .
Newark, NJ: Business Owner Pulls Own Gun, Kills Robber In Newark
. . . Around 3:20 p.m., the suspect walked into an unidentified business in the 500 block of Central Avenue in Newark with a loaded gun and a backpack, according to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and Newark police.
The suspect announced a robbery, and ordered the owner to fill the backpack with money and gold. The suspect said he would shoot the owner’s family members if the owner did not comply, authorities said.
But the owner fought back. He pulled his own gun, and shot the suspect. . . .
North Philadelphia, Fla: Robber shot by store owner in North Philadelphia
Police say a store owner shot a man who tried to rob his store in North Philadelphia.It happened around 11:00 a.m. . . .
According to investigators, the suspect entered the store and tried to reach into the cash register.
So, the 70-year-old owner told police, he shot the bandit in the ankle.
The wounded robbery suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment. . . .
Brunswick, Fla: Homeowner shoots knife-wielding man on porch, police say 
A homeowner who answered his doorbell at 11 p.m. Saturday night shot a masked man who lunged at him with a knife, the Glynn County police said.The homeowner told police his doorbell rang, but he saw no one outside, Capt. Marissa Tindale said in a release.
When he doorbell rang again, he answered the door but had his handgun for safety when he stepped onto his porch, Tindale said.
A man wearing a mask approached and lunged at the homeowner who opened fire with his .45-caliber handgun, she said. . . .
Charlotte, NC: Delivery driver says he was carrying gun when 5 tried to rob him
Wells said he had a bad feeling from the start, when a pizza order was called into Hungry Howie's last week. . . .
"The call came in for a $74 order, first red flag. Second red flag: it was cash," Wells said.
Wells was also suspicious because he said there was a similar call three weeks ago that ended with another driver being robbed.
This time, Wells decided to grab his gun and went to the address, which was a church parking lot on Delta Lake Drive in the university area.
"I saw the four young men sitting right there on the bench and the fifth one was right behind the pillar trying to hide," Wells said.
Wells said the men surrounded him and that's when he showed them the gun tucked in his pants.
"I said, 'Now that we're at this point, do you have the money for this food,' I said, 'or not?' And one guy said 'No, we don't have this money for the food,'" Wells said.
Wells said he got back in his car and left. He said the incident won't stop him from future deliveries because "I knew that I was protected. I was completely protected." . . .
Jacksonville, Fla: 2 suspects dead in home invasion
Two people are dead after what the Jacksonville Sheriff Office is calling a home invasion in the Fort Caroline area. . . .
Officers found that a group of suspects had tried to break into the home.
"They barged in guns pointed at us screaming get on the ground, where is your money, where is your money. And the next thing I know boom, boom, boom, boom," said "Big John" who lives in the home and did not want to be identified.
One of the people inside the home fired shots, hitting at least one of the intruders, 24-year-old Aaron Antwan Harris. . . .
L.I. pharmacist fights back and shoots at robber
A pharmacist on Long Island defended himself from an attempted robbery by firing shots at the suspect Friday afternoon. . . . 43-year-old Marc Gumpert entered the pharmacy and demanded the drugs Ritalin and Dilaudid.
The 34-year-old pharmacist complied and handed over the drugs, but followed Gumpert outside. The pharmacist saw Gumpert inside his car. Gumpert saw the pharmacist, got out of his car, pulled out a knife and walked towards the pharmacist.
Authorites say the pharmacist fired one shot that hit the ground and struck the back tire of Gumpert’s car. Gumpert got back into the car and drove away heading northbound on Bedford Avenue. . . .
Jonesboro, GA: Jonesboro homeowner surprises burglars, shots fired
A Jonesboro homeowner fired his gun at burglars Saturday night who managed to flee through an open window.
Clayton County police say at about 10:30 p.m. the man returned to his home on Sterling Ridge Lane to find three thieves taking items from the house.
The homeowner fired his weapon at the men.
Stanley Short has lived in the neighborhood for the last three years.
He told CBS Atlanta News home break-ins are becoming pretty common in the area.
"It's been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood. A few people [are] reporting houses have been in, and basically [it's] teenagers," said Short. "Actually we didn't hear no shots [fired last night] because it was inside." . . .
Salisbury, NC: Truck Theft thwarted by armed owner
Authorities say a Salisbury man caught his neighbor in the act of stealing his truck and held him at gunpoint until officers arrived.Tuesday morning, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office got a call from James Lambert. He said he was holding someone at gunpoint who had tried to steal his truck. Lambert told deputies he was in his house on Hildebran Road when he heard the truck start up. He said he ran out of the house with a pistol and saw Richard Lee Wright III, 19, also of Hildebran Road, in the driver’s seat of his 1993 Ford Ranger. . . .
Ft. Caroline, Fla: Fort Caroline homeowner kills intruder
A burglar is shot dead by the owner of the home he was breaking into.
"During that home invasion robbery attempt there was gunfire. One person was struck, transported to Shands where he has since died", said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Sgt. TK Waters. . . . . 
Waters says multiple men attempted to break into the home.  He says when the first person was shot, the others fled. . . . 
Houston, TX: Man fatally shoots 2 intruders after home invasion in North Houston
Police said three men broke into an apartment, demanded money and showed a gun, but what they didn't know is the resident also had a gun and shot two of them to death.Neighbors at Oak Leaf Village heard gunshots around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Houston police said there was a home invasion at one of the apartments.
Lila Pena's husband, Javier Ortiz, got out his gun and fatally shot two of the men. . . . 
Here is something from July:

Reidsville, NC: Business owner fatally shoots break-in suspect
Authorities say a business owner fatally shot a break-in suspect early Monday in Rockingham County.
According to Sheriff Sam Page, the shooting occurred between 3:15 and 3:30 a.m. . . .
Sheriff Page says two suspects were breaking inside the business when an alarm sounded. The business owner, who lives down the road, responded to the alarm and confronted the suspects, Page said.
The suspects were pushing rolls of copper wire when the owner approached them, Page said.  The copper was later valued at $4,940.
Page says the business owner and suspects “got into a scuffle,” during which the owner shot one of the suspects.
“Apparently one suspect apparently charged (the owner) and to defend himself he fired a shot, subsequently hitting one of the suspects who then ran around the front of the house and fell and died at the scene,” Page said.
The suspect who was shot died, while the second suspect ran away from the scene, Page said. . . .
“At this time all indications are (the business owner) was acting in a manner of self-defense,” Page said. . . . 

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