Security guard with a concealed handgun permit stops a robbery at a Waffle House in Atlanta

The security guard may have also protected an off-duty police officer the robber was pointing his gun at.  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
A 20-year-old attempting to rob a Waffle House pointed his gun at the wrong people early Monday, police say.
A police officer and a security guard, both off-duty, helped thwart the would-be criminal.
Wearing a black bandanna over his face and a hoodie, Ashton Macafee walked into the south Fulton County diner in the 4300 block of Jonesboro Road shortly before 2 a.m. brandishing a handgun and demanding money, said Detective Gloria Hodgson with Union City police.
“Nobody move and open the cash register,” Macafee allegedly said.
After his demand, Macafee pointed a gun at a man seated at a booth, according to police. That man, off-duty Atlanta police Officer Jonathan Sutton, couldn’t reach for his service weapon.
But the man seated next to Sutton, an off-duty security guard, fired two shots, police said. The security guard, identified as Evans Chad Pollard, shot Macafee.
“I felt that not only my life, but everyone’s life was in danger, so I had to do what I had to do,” Pollard said Monday afternoon. . . .
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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Hmmmm, one would think that noticing that someone is wearing a 'hoodie' is profiling.

8/05/2013 1:51 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It is hard for me to understand what the gun-control crowd would have preferred to have happen. Do they think in their "ideal" society the robber would have trouble getting a weapon? Or, do they think that letting the robber get away with the stolen money would be a better outcome because no one would then have been shot at all? What about the patrons being at the robbers mercy? Victims are often executed so that there are no witnesses. How about that? Do we (you and I) matter at all to Bloomberg and his ilk? Obama and his ilk?
They (the gun grab crowd) can all go straight to hell!

Molon Labe!

8/08/2013 4:19 PM  
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