Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania homeowner shots man who had broken into his home

Given that this gun was kept in the homeowner's car, I suspect that there is a good chance that he had a concealed handgun permit.  From the Morning Call:
A Schuylkill County homeowner shot and killed a man who had broken into his house Saturday, and authorities are investigating whether the homicide was justified, state police said. 
The East Brunswick Township homeowner and his girlfriend surprised the intruder about 5:30 p.m. after returning home at 22 Steep Mountain Road, police said. 
A basement door had been kicked in and "some things just didn't look right in the house — like someone might have been in the house," said Trooper David Beohm, a public information officer. 
Inside, Beohm said, the homeowner encountered the intruder, who was a stranger, and they got into a fight. The homeowner retrieved a gun from his vehicle in the garage and shot and killed the other man, Beohm said. . . .

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