Mayor Michael Bloomberg donates $350,000 to fight Colorado recall elections over gun control votes, massive donation compared to recent campaigns

In state Senator John Morse's 2010 race, he had total contributions of $163,972.  In 2010, Angela Giron raised $68,710.  But if the Democrats loose it won't be for a lack of money.  From Fox News:
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has thrown $350,000 behind an effort to fight the recall of two Colorado Democratic legislators for their votes in favor of sweeping new gun control laws. 
Campaign finance paperwork filed Tuesday and obtained by KDVR.com showed that Bloomberg wrote a personal check to Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy, the group fighting the recalls targeting Colorado Springs Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, of Pueblo.  
The National Rifle Association has contributed more than $108,600 to try to unseat the Democratic incumbents. Most of the money has gone toward radio, Internet, and cable ads, as well as billboard advertising. 
But backers of Morse and Giron have given bigger donations, most notably Bloomberg's contribution. 
Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns group has pushed for more restrictions on firearms in states nationwide, including Colorado. Billionaire Philanthropist Eli Broad also contributed $250,000 to the Democrats' campaigns. . . .
Thus just between Bloomberg and Broad, those two individuals have contributed 2.6 times more money than they spent on their campaigns in 2010.  But this isn't all the money that they have gotten.  The liberal "We Can Do Better Colorado" campaign raised $395,000, of which two $100,000 donations came from the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

I have also gotten this type of email from left wing groups multiple times.

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Blogger Unknown said...

What is really frightening is that Bloomberg could just as easily have put up $35 Million. How much would Soros have chipped in if asked? These liberal bastards are learning more all the time how to undermine our republic. How is Hillary going to be presented in the upcoming TV series? How many low information voters will be happy to vote for the "Hillary" character instead of the REAL one?
God help us!
Molon Labe!

8/29/2013 2:39 PM  
Blogger Logan said...

So glad to hear this. I'm sure the people of Colorado are too and I hope this sends a message that if you try to shove laws down our throats that we don't want, we'll fight back.

Interesting that the mainstream media talks about this "NRA-fueled recall" (when it's not, it's grass-roots but the NRA donated) and not about Bloomburg's donation, or all the money raised by the incumbents.

9/11/2013 8:28 AM  

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