Is your Android phone listening to you?

Well, of course, just as politicians would never be tempted to use the IRS to harm their political opponents, they would never use this power to improperly gather political information.  From the WSJ:
Federal agencies have largely kept quiet about these capabilities, but court documents and interviews with people involved in the programs provide new details about the hacking tools, including spyware delivered to computers and phones through email or Web links—techniques more commonly associated with attacks by criminals.

People familiar with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's programs say that the use of hacking tools under court orders has grown as agents seek to keep up with suspects who use new communications technology, including some types of online chat and encryption tools. The use of such communications, which can't be wiretapped like a phone, is called "going dark" among law enforcement. . . .

The FBI develops some hacking tools internally and purchases others from the private sector. With such technology, the bureau can remotely activate the microphones in phones running Google Inc.'s Android software to record conversations, one former U.S. official said. It can do the same to microphones in laptops without the user knowing, the person said. Google declined to comment. . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

When we do this, we go to jail. When the government does it, it's for our "Safety".

As for the techniques used here, they've been around for some time.

Also, if one owns a laptop, and you do not use the camera, place a piece of electrical tape over the lens, as that can be hacked too!

8/05/2013 1:43 PM  

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