Biden thinks that the recovery is doing well enough that he can run for president in 2016 based on the recovery

From the WSJ.com:
Biden allies believe he could run on some of the accomplishments Mr. Obama notched over two terms. If the economic recovery continues, Mr. Biden could run on the basis that he was a partner in combating the recession. Unemployment hit 10% in the first year of Mr. Obama's term and as of July was down to 7.4%. 
"My guess is it would be a legacy campaign, continuing to build on the success they've had in the administration,'' Mr. Rasky said. . . . 

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Bwaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaa! Please, you're killing me!

8/19/2013 1:45 PM  
Blogger Blaine Holzer said...

Biden is as stupid as Sheila Jackson Lee (and THAT'S saying something!)

Molon Labe!

8/19/2013 8:25 PM  

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