A benefit from higher temperatures?: "China Begins Using Arctic Shipping Route"

World temperatures have been rising since the end of the little ice age ended in 1850.  One of the benefits is that the shipping time between China and London can be reduced by about 2 weeks.  From Business Insider:
The maiden voyage to Europe by a Chinese merchant ship through the "Northeast Passage" will help the world's biggest exporter speed goods to market and is a symbol of Beijing's strategic ambitions in the Arctic.
The emerging Arctic Ocean shipping route north of Russia has been opened up by global warming and cuts thousands of kilometres (miles) -- and many days -- off the journey from China to its key European market.
A vessel owned by Chinese state shipping giant COSCO left the northeastern port of Dalian last week bound for Rotterdam in the Netherlands, on a 5,400-kilometre (3,380-mile) voyage which state media said would take just over 30 days.
That is up to two weeks faster than the traditional route between Asia and Europe through the Suez Canal, according to COSCO.
"It's potentially going to change the face of world trade," said Sam Chambers, editor of SinoShip magazine.
"The Chinese will use the Arctic route in a very big way. It's all about having options, having alternatives in case of emergency," he said. . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Perhaps the English can resume their Wine Industry that existed during the Roman times in the First Century, and then again in the Eleventh Century (both due to cow flatulence I'll bet) during the Medieval Climate Optimum that occured before the 'Little Ice Age'.

Of course, this man made warming just may trigger another English French series of wars, and this time over who has the better wine?

These Wine Wars must be stopped before they begin! The horror, the horror!

8/24/2013 11:13 AM  

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