Wikipedia "edit wars"

Beware of Wikipedia discussions on controversial topics.
Articles about ex-US President George W Bush and anarchism are the most hotly contested on Wikipedia's English-language edition, research suggests. 
Scientists analysed page edits in 10 editions to find topics fought over by contributors to the open encyclopaedia. . . .
Researchers from the University of Oxford and three other institutions analysed logs of the changes made to Wikipedia pages to identify those in the throes of an "edit war". Such a conflict involves editors of pages making changes that are almost instantly undone by another editor. . . . 

  • George W Bush
  • Anarchism
  • The Prophet Muhammad
  • World Wrestling Entertainment employees
  • Global warming
  • Circumcision
  • The United States
  • Jesus
  • Race and intelligence
  • Christianity
  • Labels:


    Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

    Revisionism driven by iedology. The same problem that exists with the George Zimmern case. Truth be damned...

    7/22/2013 2:21 PM  

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