President Obama vs. state Senator Obama on Stand Your Ground laws

Illinois is one of the states that don't demand that people retreat as far as possible before defending themselves.  Little did I know that Obama was one of the people who helped push for this change to become law.  From the WSJ:
In his remarks last Friday on George Zimmerman's acquittal, the President said it would be wise to "examine" state and local laws governing the use of firearms in self-defense. He suggested that "stand your ground" provisions are "sending a message" that "someone who is armed potentially has the right to use those firearms even if there's a way for them to exit from a situation." He asked: "Is that really going to be contributing to the kind of peace and security and order that we'd like to see?" 
It turns out that Mr. Obama participated in such an examination almost a decade ago and emerged as a stand-your-ground proponent. Illinois Review, a conservative blog, recently unearthed Illinois Senate records showing that then-state Senator Obama voted for and even co-sponsored a 2004 bill that expanded the protection of the state's 1961 stand-your-ground law to include immunity from civil liability for people who use deadly force to defend themselves or their property. The bill wasn't controversial in the liberal legislature, passing the Senate without dissent and the state House with only two nays before then-Governor Rod Blagojevich, also a Democrat, signed it. . . .

Thanks to Tony Troglio for this link.

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