Will Medicaid expansion occur in Arizona, Ohio, and Michigan?

From the Washington Post:
Despite expressing distaste for the new law, some GOP governors have endorsed an expansion of Medicaid, and three — Jan Brewer of Arizona, John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Snyder of Michigan — are trying to persuade their Republican-controlled legislatures to go along. The governors are unwilling to turn down Washington’s offer to spend millions, if not billions, in their states to add people to the state-federal program for the poor. But they face staunch opposition from many GOP legislators who oppose the health-care law and worry that their states will be stuck with the cost of adding Medicaid recipients. . . .
It would be nice if Republicans could keep these states from getting on the hook for these costs because it is really likely that "their states will be stuck with the cost of adding" these beneficiaries.  Does anyone really one to bank on the federal government following through on its promised funding?



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