The Obama administration believes everyone will still be buying gasoline powered cars despite massive government subsidies, so why are they spending this money

Here is an amazing claim that despite all the massive government subsidies and regulations, almost all the cars being sold two decades will now will still be powered by gasoline.  I have have little fiath in such long term predictions, but the amazing thing is that prediction comes from the Obama administration.  Even they believe that with all their massive subsidies, everything will still be gasoline powered.  From the Detroit News:
The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that even in 2035, more than 99 percent of cars and trucks sold will still have internal combustion engines. . . .
Here is a little more from the piece:
. . . . But a good look at the latest advances in the gasoline-powered engine —and those on the horizon — jars this opinion, and the surge in U.S. oil production from shale drilling further refutes the idea that conventional engines are old technology. 
Already powering more than 230 million cars in the United States, internal combustion engines have the potential to become substantially more efficient, while providing economic and environmental benefits that extend well beyond the money consumers save at the pump. 
Imagine if your car uses advanced computing to control fuel injection far more precisely than before, improving the fuel efficiency of big cars by more than 15 percent. Or what if your car is able to knock another 30 percent off fuel consumption — and corresponding greenhouse-gas emissions — by partly cooling hot exhaust gas before it is pumped into the engine? . . . 
Don’t expect all of these technological advances in next year’s models, but automakers expect to hit their fuel economy targets over the next decade, rising from about 32 miles-per-gallon today to about 51 by 2025. Importantly, they are achieving technological breakthroughs with the internal combustion engine on their own, without the government subsidies that support the development of electric vehicles. For now, the most cost-effective technology changes in the near term are improvements in conventional cars — advanced internal combustion engines and diesel engines — that will reduce our energy consumption and enhance energy security. . . .

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Blogger Doug Huffman said...

I believe that the forecast is correct, and that electric cars are a NIMBY boondoggle. They have the same failings as too cheap to meter nuclear power, they are not powerful enough to overcome the greatest force in the universe, that is base ignorance.

My ten year old VW TDI diesel uses an advanced computer engine control unit to control the fuel injection pulse. It uses a turbocharger to cool the exhaust gas before it is pumped OUT of the engine. It gets >50 mpg, ~200 passenger-miles per gallon.

6/17/2013 6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the alchemists of old, this administration believes that with enough money you can turn lead into gold. Chemistry and physics be damned. Its not about the bottom line with these people, it's the fear of the loss of the validity of their ideology.

6/17/2013 2:52 PM  

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