Obama keeps trying to pick winners with taxpayer money

If these co-ops were such a great deal, they would get loans on their own.  Taxpayers wouldn't have to pick up the bill.  Don't worry it will only cost a couple of billion dollars.  From the Washington Post:
“They are basically starting new insurance companies from ground zero, and that’s very difficult,” said retired heart surgeon and health care analyst Roger Stark of the Washington Policy Center, a Seattle think tank that promotes free-market policies. “I’m all for giving consumers a lot of choices, but most of these start-up loans come from taxpayers, and a lot is going to go to waste.” 
Criticism of the program, combined with pressure to reduce federal spending, has already resulted in successive congressional budget deals that slashed funding from $6 billion to $1.9 billion; co-ops in 24 states instead of all 50 got loans. . . . .



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