Obama defends NSA spying on Americans as "transparent," respecting "privacy"

Possibly the NSA spying on Americans can be rationalized by the need to provide security.  But that claim is quite different than saying that the operation was "transparent" and that it respected Americans' "privacy."  Could someone please explain to me how the spying on Americans was "transparent" if it wasn't even public knowledge that it was occurring?  If it was "transparent," what new information could Snowden have possibly revealed?  I am not even sure how it was "transparent" to the secret court that oversaw this operation since there was no alternative viewpoint provided to the court, no adversarial debate where information could be produced that called into question Obama administration claims.  An adversarial approach would be more likely to reveal to the judges information that the Obama administration might not have offered to them on its own.  From Fox News:
. . . Obama also defended the National Security Agency spying programs and called them "transparent."
“That’s why we set up the FISA court,” he said, referring to the secret court set up by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that authorizes two recently disclosed programs: one that gathers U.S. phone records and another that is designed to track the use of U.S.-based Internet servers by foreigners with possible links to terrorism. . . .
As to the claim that this respected people's privacy, could someone please explain how keeping track of who you talk to, how long you talk to them, and where you are when you make the calls respects people's privacy?
Obama, who repeated earlier assertions that the programs were a legitimate counterterror tool and that they were completely noninvasive to people with no terror ties, said he has created a privacy and civil liberties oversight board. . . . 



Blogger Ben said...

FUCK the NSA let'em spy on that.......u can post all the bitchin complaints u want. but there is nothing (short of TOTAL ANARCHY) that will stop the government from abusing their power. They have been slowly stripping our rights away from us little by little over the years, and feeding us the line of shit "It's for our safety and protection".....when in reality it's their form of control. And it won't be long b4 a lot more of our freedom is stripped away....the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and the sons-of-bitches in power are sittin' high at the top....If you ask me it's our leaders who are the fu*kin terrorist. They not only force their views and opinions and beliefs on the world, now they are diminishing the freedoms of the AMERICAN people. Our government is no fu*king exception, they are not leadfing by example. They are dominating by secrecy, lies & hidden agenda's. I'm 100% American, and like most enjoyed my freedoms, for the most part. But soon, the American population continues to refuse to stand up for their constitutional rights........there will be no rights, no freedom left. Maybe we should take a page out of the movie "Eagle Eye"......when the rights and liberties of the American people (that are protected by the U.S. Constitution, are being jeopardized) replace those in power.....I'm not saying kill everyone like the movie portrayed.....I am however stating the fact - "It is the duty of every American to protect their freedom as given to us by our founding fathers. And if we wish to keep what rights and freedom we have left, before they start passing more laws, ratifying, vetoing, abolishing.....i suggest the American people really become "UNITED"!!!!!!! Stand up together, as one - One Force, one race, one color, one true nation, one united voice......and protect our freedoms. Stop letting the government frighten you, stand up...stop letting them strip our freedoms, stand up....stop letting them say it's to protect us, while at the same time they force their worldly views overseas and at home - stand up!!! 9/11, we , we had a reason to go kick ass.........everything after, nothing more than a power battle....a war to create wars.....ladies and gentlemen, you really wanna stop the nsa and stop the government from stripping away the rest of our freedoms??? "STAND UP NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE"..........or just move to Afghanistan.....that's the direction we are headed anyway. Only difference, Americans know how to be sneaky about their bullshit....Open your eyes, before it's too late folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is a rat from the sewers, communist born.....parents and grandparents communist....let's give him a shot we said.......now look....freedoms depleting left and right.........and the saddest part, i tried to join the Army, Navy, Marines, and Airfore.....Airforce said I was too old. I was 30, said their cut-off age limit was 27. The other 3 Branches said "Well your a single father!!" My reply, "Ok, so!!" They all say the same shit, "Well you would have to give custody of your child to someone else, and then at some point you will have to lie your ass off about the whole thing!!" I swear on my bibles, that was their excat words to me....."GIVE UP YOUR KID, AND LIE YOUR ASS OFF"....now, what kind of leadership is that????

6/24/2013 7:55 PM  

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