More than 2xs as many signatures as needed turned in for Democrat Colorado State Senate President Recall over new gun regulations

Does the Democrat Colorado State Senate President John Morse really think that he is going to be able to disqualify enough signatures to keep the recall from occurring?  Mayor Bloomberg is going to be throwing in a lot of money to fight to keep Morse in office.  From Fox News:

A group of gun-rights activists seeking to oust a top Democratic state lawmaker in Colorado over the passage of strict gun control legislation on Monday turned in double the signatures needed to force a recall election.
KDVR reports the group turned in over 16,000 signatures, more than double the 7,178 valid signatures needed, to the Colorado Secretary of State's office in the effort to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse.
“This sends a strong message,” Rob Harris, who delivered three boxes full of petitions to the office, told KDVR. “We’ve obtained enough signatures to recall a state legislator for the first time in the history of Colorado.”
The Secretary of State’s office now has 15 days to determine whether enough of the signatures  are valid, and then Morse's office has another 15 days to contest the validity of the signatures.
Morse tells KDVR he is going to fight the recall effort. “We’ll go through these signatures with a fine-toothed comb,” Morse told the station. . . .
The battle is generally over whether there should be a tax on gun ownership, whether poor individuals should be priced out of being able to own guns.



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