Jonathan Alter book gets only 3 of his 13 claims about Roger Ailes "at least partially correct," the rest "patently, provably false"

What three allegations did Alter get partially correct?  See below.  Politico as the other ten as well.  Did Alter even bother to get two sources on any of these facts?
Allegation: “Ailes had a television monitor on his desk that showed video of the empty hall outside his office so that he would have warning if terrorists were coming to kill him.”
Ailes: “After the last NYC blackout our chief engineer asked if I wanted a monitor in my office to see the exits of the building. We had people piled up in the stairwells and the front lobby was jammed. Since I’m part of the team that volunteered to stay behind in an emergency, that would be my responsibility to help evacuate the building safely. So yes, I can see exits and that would be helpful assisting during evacuations. Alter claims the monitor shoots the hall outside my office to see if terrorists are coming to kill me. No such monitor exists and no such fear exists.” . . .
Allegation: “Two former News Corp. senior executives said that Murdoch routinely called Ailes ‘cuckoo,’ ‘bonkers,’ ‘nuts,’ and ‘crazy,’ but he also found Ailes’s behavior amusing.”
Ailes: “Murdoch occasionally says I’m paranoid, and I point out to him that if I wasn’t A LITTLE paranoid he’d have 20 percent less money.”
Allegation: “More than once he told his colleagues, ‘They hate me because I’m fat.’ ” . . Allegation: “Ailes had two bodyguards escorting him into the building.”
Ailes: “I don’t have two bodyguards, I have one part-time bodyguard.” . . .
Remember these were the ones that Alter got at least partially right.

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