Even the New York Times concedes that Zimmerman's defense looks strong after the first week

The New York Times goes out of its way to blame the problems in the case on ineptness by the prosecution, but, with witnesses such as Mr. Good supporting Zimmerman's description of what happened, any prosecution would have faced a very difficult case.

. . . The defense scored a number of points during cross-examination. It showcased Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries, including a “likely” broken nose, as a physician assistant testified. The first police officer to arrive on the scene said that Mr. Zimmerman’s back and jeans were wet and that his jacket had bits of grass, suggesting he was on his back at some point. The officer also said that Mr. Zimmerman told him he had been yelling for help.

In addition, the resident with the best view of the altercation that night said the person “with lighter skin color” in red or white was being straddled on the ground by someone wearing dark colors. (Mr. Zimmerman was wearing a red jacket.) The witness further described a “ground and pound.” The person on the top, he said, was moving his arms in a downward motion (though the witness added he did not see actual punches). . . . .



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