Democrats in Connecticut think that it is up to the state Legislature to write history

Whether the legislature is right or wrong, it seems to me that is none of government's business to decide what the history books should say.  From Fox News:
The Connecticut Senate passed a bill Tuesday evening that would delete the Wright brothers from history, explicitly stripping recognition for the first powered flight from Orville and Wilbur and assigning it to someone else. 
“The Governor shall proclaim a date certain in each year as Powered Flight Day to honor the first powered flight by [the Wright brothers] Gustave Whitehead and to commemorate the Connecticut aviation and aerospace industry,” readsHouse Bill No. 6671, which now sits on the Governor’s desk awaiting passage into law. . . .



Blogger FZ said...

This is a joke. The people involved trumpet the fact the movement had "bipartisan" support, as if bipartisan automatically makes something good, and as if this was a issue that would fall along party lines. If anything, *all* politicians in Connecticut has much to gain by this, it would increase tourism into the state and give it something to brag about.

The supposed "proof" of Gustave making the first flight is a blurry photo of a plane that looks like it could have been of Gustave design, but it is hardly clear that it's even flying at all, let alone that it's a heavier-than-air aircraft making a sustained flight with only it's own power. Bigfoot has better photo evidence.

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