Democrat Colorado Senate President John Morse is desperately pulling up all the stops to prevent recall over his support for gun control

After the Colorado Secretary of State certified Morse's recall, Morse has gone to all sorts of lengths to stop the recall.  Hardly the type of confidence you would expect from someone who thought that he would win.  Morse wants to argue that the boilerplate petitions provided by the Secretary of State were in error.  From the Daily Caller:
. . . Morse’s attorney, Mark Grueskin, challenged the entire effort because the petitions circulated by the El Paso Freedom Defense Committee didn’t specifically mention that there would be an election if enough signatures are collected, a requirement of the state constitution.
“This isn’t some technicality or loophole,” Grueskin told Denver’s 7News. “This is a critical piece of information that the proponents of this petition decided not to impart to petition signers.”
Richard Westfall, an attorney with the Colorado Republican Party, told the Denver Post that Morse’s lawyers are misreading the constitution.
“The state constitution very much protects a citizen’s right to recall elected officials,” he’s quoted as saying. “A hyper-technical argument suggested by Sen. Morse’s attorneys would unduly limit the citizens’ rights to recall their elected officials.”
The petitions were boilerplate fill-in-the-blanks forms provided by the secretary of state’s office. The conservative Colorado Peak Politics blog points out that the language on the forms dates back to the previous secretary of state, Democrat Bernie Buescher. . . .
Colorado Senate President John Morse is pulling up all the stops to keep from facing the voters in a recall, but with only 10 percent (even according the Democrats) agreeing to take their names off the petitions, the Democrats aren't even going to be close to stopping the recall -- all these expenses are going to be for nought.
. . . "We've called several hundred people.  We are seeing about a 10 percent return," she said.  Le Lait said people sometimes sign without paying attention and that some voters have already confirmed that.
"Some people thought they were signing a petition to keep John Morse in office, some people thought they were signing a petition to support the gun laws, one woman thought she was signing a petition to impeach Barack Obama," said Le Lait.
A woman who only wished to share her first name, Ann, said she is one of thousands who signed the petition.  She also got a call from the Morse campaign.
"She goes, 'we wanted to find out do you remember signing the petition to recall John Morse?' I go yeah.  I said I signed the petition because I wanted to and I don't want my name removed," said Ann.
Organizers of the recall petition needed more than 7,100 valid signatures to force a recall election.  Last Tuesday, Colorado's Secretary of State's office verified they had the signatures needed.  In fact, they exceeded the signatures by about 3,000. . . .
Meanwhile, another Democrat state Senator is going to have to face the voters again.  From the Denver Post:
The votes cast by state Sen. Angela Giron in support of tougher gun laws now have the Pueblo lawmaker faced with a looming fall election date as organizers Monday amassed enough valid signatures in their recall effort.
Only about 6 percent of the signatures submitted in Giron's recall effort were deemed invalid by the Colorado secretary of state's office — a striking percentage that her opponents said showed strong support for their cause.
Organizers with Pueblo Freedom and Rights submitted more than 13,400 signatures to the Colorado secretary of state's office and had 12,648 verified. They needed about 11,300 verified for a recall election and outpaced that figure by about 1,300.
Giron becomes the second Democrat in less than a week — along with Senate President John Morse — who now must deal with a recall election . . . 
 The Washington Times has a story about how extreme lengths Colorado Democrats are willing to go to not face the voters.



Blogger Levi Russell said...

Oh, but I thought 90% of us wanted to give up our right to self-defense?! Check your polls, Quinnipiac!

6/25/2013 9:51 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why only six percent signature has submitted! The scenario should have been different! braces fetish.

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