CBS confirms that Sharyl Attkisson's computer was hacked several times by very sophisticated source

Here we have a reporter's computers (both work and personal) hacked last fall by a very sophisticated source right around the time that she releases a news report using leaked information on Benghazi.  From The Hill newspaper:
CBS News said Friday it has confirmed that a computer used by one of its reporters was hacked by an unknown party several times in 2012, and that it’s taking steps to investigate who is responsible for the attack. 
“A cyber security firm hired by CBS News has determined through forensic analysis that Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was accessed by an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions late in 2012,” a statement from CBS reads in part. “CBS News is taking steps to identify the responsible party and their method of access.” 
CBS said a party remotely accessed Attkisson’s accounts and “executed commands that appeared to involve search and exfiltration of data.” The breach was covered up using “sophisticated methods to remove all possible indications of unauthorized activity, and alter system times to cause further confusion,” according to CBS. . . .

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.com notes that this hacking coincided with a news report that she did "relying on anonymous military sources that called into question the Obama administration’s claim that they couldn’t have responded in time to assist in the attack."



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