Caddell, Schoen, and LeBoutillier provide an interesting discussion of the politics of the Obama Scandals

Some of the points: The scandals seem to be hurting Democrats across the board.  The Obama administration seems to be willing to do whatever is necessary to go after their political enemies.  Caddell: "Big government as a threat and big government at its worse."  People are worried that these government abuses could impact their own lives.

-- Caddell and Schoen worked in White Houses and Caddell believes that you don't go to the White House 157 and not have politics going one.

Caddell: "Who was he meeting with.  You have to be a fool(!) to believe that a head of an agency that is separate is meeting in the White House and not doing politics."

Others who went to the White House frequently.
43 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
48 Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

-- It doesn't sound as if a special prosecutor will be appointed.

-- Holder can hold on in the short term.

UPDATE: Obama appears to be coming down strongly in Holder's corner.  Politico has this headline on Wednesday, June 5th: "Dark skies brighten for Holder"

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