Audio from my hosting Jason Lewis Show on June 13th and 14th

Hosting Jason's national radio show for two days was a lot of fun.  We covered everything from the economy to health care to gun control.  You can listen to the archives for the three hours on June 13th and 14th here.  Please let me know what you think!

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Blogger Dogbyte said...

hey i was there listening, i enjoyed it, i think we take it for granted because Jason is so good. But you did better than most on their first day. I could tell you were more comfortable Friday. it would be fine and dandy if you filled in for Jason every single time, i like you better than all the other fill ins too. good job!

6/17/2013 1:17 PM  
Blogger Mike Noll said...

Good to hear you fully develop your premises and conclusions without the usual vitriol interruptions.

But John,why do Democrats want to disarm America?

Why? I believe they have a vision of the future; a vision that is above reason, logic, history and the facts.

No sure what that vision is though.

6/18/2013 3:14 PM  

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