What some celebrities think of the IRS scandal

Bill Maher's statement is the strongest argument against ever giving the government much power to begin with.  The fact that he believes it is so understandable that the government would take these actions must scare anyone and make them think twice before advocating new government programs.  Will Maher rethink his support of so much new government?



Blogger FZ said...

Maher is one of the biggest pieces of you know what that there is.

Funny, I've looked over the criteria for a social organization to get tax exempt status and nowhere does it say that wanting to change the tax code or even abolish the IRS disqualifies a social organization from tax exempt status or triggers targeting and intrusion.

Also, using Maher's logic, any origination that is pro tax and or pro IRS that asks for tax exemption is hypocritical!

5/17/2013 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people have the memory span of a gnat. Right now bigger, more expensive, more intrusive government is a good thing because their people are the ones running the show. As soon as somebody who isn't one of them gets into power, the party line will shift 180 degrees. Warrantless searches, the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, predator drones, and assassination of terrorist suspects will all instantly become evil once again. Power without any sort of checks and balances is good only so long as they're the ones exercising it. A lot of conservatives will do a similar U-turn simultaneously.

5/17/2013 8:34 PM  

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