Vegan diet for mom kills 11-month-old breastfeed baby

This is from an old article at Fox News:
A vegan mother and father were up before a court Tuesday in Amiens, in northern France, accused of "neglect or food deprivation" leading to the death of their 11-month-old baby daughter.
Sergine and Joel Le Moaligou only fed their tiny daughter, Louise, with the 37-year-old mother's milk at their home in Saint-Maulvis, a small village 90 miles north of Paris. She died in March 2008, weighing just under 13 pounds and suffering from pneumonia and a vitamin deficiency. A doctor called to the family's rundown house refused to issue a burial permit.
Louise's parents became vegans after watching a television program about how cattle were slaughtered for food. . . . 
The article here (in French) discusses more about the vitamin deficiencies in the mother's breast milk because of her Vegan diet.



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