Readers of the UK's telegraph.co.uk/politics say the one law that they want changed is to let them again own handguns

From the UK Telegraph, the proposal getting the most votes is:
Repeal the ban on hand guns and re-open shooting clubs, proposed by Colliemum. They write: "After all, why should only criminals be 'allowed' to possess guns and shoot unarmed, defenceless citizens and police officers?" 
Obviously, this isn't a scientific poll, but the fact that a whooping 83% of those participating preferred this proposal to any of the other ones.  The proposal with the next highest support was a "flat tax."

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

The History of England tells us that the Crown and Parliment have always disarmed English subjects whenever no external threat existed (with the exception of Nobelmen).

When we look at the outbreak of the Second World War, England lacked sufficient firearms to equip the Home Guard so as to aid in the case of invasion by Germany. When this occurred, the NRA stepped in and asked it's members to donate firearms so as to arm British citizens in defence of their country, and these arms were destroyed after the war.

All through the war, the English government was highly alarmed at allowing armed citizens to even bear arms in defence of Country and King, and so remains this way to now.

History does not repeat itself, human nature does...

5/29/2013 10:50 AM  

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