Portland man with concealed weapon takes down criminal

Another concealed carry permit holder who uses a concealed handgun permit to stop criminal (video link here).  Oregon had about 5% of its adult population with permits in early 2011, though I suspect that it has increased substantially since then.

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Blogger Is She Dangerous said...

I actually had to watch the video twice because at first I thought the guy whose car got hit pulled the gun on him but it was a guy coming out of the restaurant. Why this made a difference was only because if the guy whose car got hit pulled the gun, I was going to say in my CCW class we were told to only draw our guns on someone who presented an immediate danger to ourselves or another but since it was the guy coming out of the restaurant and not the victim of the hit car, I can say yeah because I'm sure the victim was in immediate danger by the guy pulling a knife. Granted that whole scenario could have been avoided but people make their decisions as they do and it went down the way it did, fortunately for the guy, the man coming out of the restaurant was armed.

5/14/2013 2:18 PM  

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