Pennsylvania Democratic State Representative Jesse White uses fake internet names to attack those supporting tracking

From Fox News:
A state legislator accused of using fake names to attack supporters of fracking says he's sorry.
An investigation by Pittsburgh TV station KDKA concluded that Pennsylvania Democratic Representative Jesse White used several different names to post harsh comments about supporters of natural gas drilling.
The comments targeted two specific supporters -- calling them "trolls," "moles", and "dumber than a box of rocks."
The posts even identified one opponent's farm and encouraged people to boycott his products.
The website where the posts were made traced all the names back to White's legislative e-mail address.
Yesterday, White posted a statement on his Facebook page apologizing for what he calls an error in judgment. . . .
UPDATE: More stories here and here.

White initially denied the accusations and then refused to answer questions for a while before the evidence got so overwhelming that he eventually admitted what he had done.

A Fox News video is available here.



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