Louisiana makes some small changes in its gun laws

If you are really serious about having a concealed handgun permit for the rest of your life, this might be a marginally attractive deal, but I doubt that too many people are going to rush out right away and get a $500 life time permit.  Sure people save some time in not having to refile for a permit every 5 years, but why not share some of the administrative cost savings with the permit holders?  The change in allowing off-duty police officers to carry on school campuses seems small, not just because it will effect so few people, but also because it is hard to see why anyone would object to letting police carry off-duty to begin with.  Guns.com has this:
Lawmakers in the Bayou State are . . . approving a bill last week that would allow the state to issue lifetime concealed carry permits and passing a bill on Tuesday that would allow off-duty police officers to carry their firearms on school campuses. 
A third bill, one that would penalize journalists, bloggers or media outlets for publishing the names of concealed carry permits may also gain approval, pending a last-minute review by a conference committee. 
Prior to the passage of House Bill 265, Louisiana gun owners who wanted to carry a firearm for self-defense outside the home had to renew their concealed carry permit every five years and pay a fee of $125.  Now, though, assuming Gov. Bobby Jindal signs HB 265 into law, gun owners can purchase a lifetime CCW permit for $500 provided they agree to undergo firearm training and education classes every five years. . . .



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