Joe Klein: The problem was Hillary's staff

Klein is in a bind.  He doesn't want to blame Hillary Clinton for the Benghazi mess, so he has to blame her staff.  But even then he has to acknowledge that these are the types of people that Hillary attracts.  The problem isn't for the 2016 campaign that Klein acknowledges, it is the risk of her as president.  From Time magazine:
I’m not so sure that Nuland’s reference to her “buildings (sic) leadership” means Hillary Clinton. There is a cloud of highly defensive–sometimes to the point of weirdly paranoid–advisers who have always surrounded Clinton. (Think Sid Blumenthal, back in the day). It’s part of the DNA of Hillaryland. In my experience, this over-protectiveness often works to Clinton’s disadvantage. And it will be a real detriment to her presidential campaign, should she choose to launch one.  
I’m not sure that Clinton herself forced the talking points massage; but “Hillary Clinton”–the bubble that surrounded the Secretary–may well have. . . .

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