Democrats outraged by this RNC ad that criticizes Obama for not getting gun control passed

Let me get this straight, Obama uses children from the Newtown tragedy in photo-ops and claims that since Republicans opposed the gun control regulations Obama supports they don't care about people killing kids like those at Newtown (note: even though the background checks would have had nothing to do in stopping the attacks), but this Republican ad is "disgusting"?  As I have written previously, Obama could have easily passed the gun control legislation if he really wanted to pass it, but it appears that he may have wanted to save it for a political issue.  From The Hill newspaper:
The ad, called "The First 100 Days," criticizes Obama on the failure of his legislative agenda, including gun control, so far in Congress. It features a voiceover saying that Obama’s agenda has “already suffered a string of defeats,” and a black and white photo of the president reaching to embrace Nicole Hockley, the distraught mother of a victim in the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. 
Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse called the ad “disgraceful” in a tweet and “disgusting” in another. . . .
Just curious, but how many times has Obama attacked the "do nothing" Congress and made it seem as if it the lack of legislation was all the fault of the Republicans?

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