Concealed carry law makes progress in Illinois, Democrats again show that they don't trust poor people with guns

Some one please explain to me why Illinois is proposing such an incredibly high $150 concealed handgun permit fee, at least if you have an explanation other than they simply don't want many lower income people to be able to carry handguns.  In addition, what are the incomes of people who are going to use public mass transit?  Sixteen hours of training will be extremely costly, easily costing $400 to $500.  Again, who is most likely to be able to pay that additional fee?  From the Washington Post:
The measure would require Illinois State Police to issue a permit to any applicant who has a Firearm Owners Identification card, completes required training, passes a background check, and pays a $150 fee. But it significantly broadens the places where guns would be prohibited, including mass-transit buses and trains, which was a demand of Chicago Democrats. 
In addition to the Chicago assault-weapons ban, it would pre-empt any city or county gun regulation, such as taxes on gun sales or requirements for reporting lost or stolen guns. Phelps and Madigan argue that it would be best to have one statewide law to reduce confusion and have future restrictions get state legislators' approval in Springfield. . . .
Compare that with the initial permit fees for other states shown in my book More Guns, Less Crime (Illinois will have the highest in the country).  Click on table to make it larger.

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