Colorado State Senate President facing recall election over his support for gun control

Democrat Senate President John Morse looks almost certain to face a recall election.  If he were to lose, it would send a powerful message.  From Fox News:
. . . Morse has mounted a campaign to urge voters not to sign petitions. In an indication of the national stakes, that push is largely funded by a $20,000 contribution from a national progressive group called America Votes. The Morse campaign said the donation came through the group's local Colorado office.
The recall group's main funding comes from a $14,000 contribution from a nonprofit run by a local conservative consultant, Laura Carno. She said that contribution was made possible by some out-of-state donors.
"People in other states that are further down this road, like New York and Massachusetts, are calling up and saying `What can we do to help?"' Carno said. "This isn't what Colorado stands for."
In an interview, Morse seemed resigned to facing a recall vote after signatures are verified. He believes national gun-rights supporters are using his district to make a national statement about the political peril officials face if they take on gun control.
"That's what's going on here. They want to take out the Senate president," Morse said. . . .
TO me the issue should be framed this way: Democrats passed a tax on people obtaining guns.  They refused to place a cap on what that tax could be and they refused to exempt poor people from having that tax.  Democrats, including Morse, have to explain why they passed laws that will primarily disarm law-abiding poor people from being able to own guns, particularly those poor minorities who live in high crime urban areas.  Why don't Democrats want to allow poor blacks to defend themselves?



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Why don't Democrats want to allow poor blacks to defend themselves?

The answer lies in the history of the Democrats. Different century, same goals and outcome.

5/29/2013 10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's missing from the language in defending the Constitution is the fact that it is the FORM AND SUBSTANCE of our Republic. Therefore, those who seek to do an 'End Run' around the constitution, subvert or otherwise influence anti-Constitutional legislation are BY DEFINITION Anti-Government!

Shout it from the housetops!

6/04/2013 12:45 AM  

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