Bloomberg takes out ads against for Democrats who voted against Senate gun control bill, but will it help them?

If you believe that the Democratic Senators from Alaska, Arkansas and North Dakota were merely representing their constituents in the Senate vote on gun control and that these Democrats are generally too much to the left of their constituents, ads emphasizing that the Democrats voted against gun control could really help them.  If there was a serious effort to defeat these candidates, they would try to get someone to run against them in their primaries.  From Politico:
. . . Ads from the Bloomberg-funded Mayors Against Illegal Guns are going up soon in Alaska, Arkansas and North Dakota — three states with Democratic senators who broke with the White House on last month’s background checks vote. 
The group is also moving as many as 60 field organizers into about a dozen states where senators — Democrats and Republicans — voted against bill, with the goal of building infrastructure and countering gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association. . . .



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