Big omission in media coverage of 19 injured in New Orleans Mother's Day Parade Shooting

I have been looking at the media coverage of the shooting on Fox News, USA TodayNew York Daily News, and others ignore a crucial part of the story: the shooting was likely gang warfare, most likely drug gang warfare.  As the Associated Press notes: "Police say gang turf wars often are the root cause." The surprise is that these other stories often relied on the AP report, but still left out this important fact.



Blogger RJ said...


Do you know of any statistic relating to what percentage of gun homicides are criminal-on-criminal incidents?

I thought I saw something that said about 2/3rd's or 66% of all firearm murders are gang-related or between felons or something along those lines but I can't seem to confirm it.

5/13/2013 5:45 AM  

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